Our mission is to provide sustainable homes, specialised support and compassionate care

What people say about Pivotal

Staff are really helpful here. They listen. It’s a quiet place and they’re always here if you want to speak to them. It’s always clean and tidy … a nice environment … I’m at ease here. (Resident in Pivotal supported housing)

I started with the company nearly 5 years ago as a support worker on nights, this was my first paid job for over 5 years so I was excited yet nervous to be back in an employed post. From here skills I had acquired from my previous nursing days as a mental health nurse were identified and I started as a support worker on days. Over the past 2 years I have succeeded in more promotions going from support worker to senior support worker and here I am now managing 2 projects. (Calvin, Project Manager, Pivotal)

I think Pivotal do an amazing job … nothing is too much trouble. They have helped our clients in many ways in regards to housing. (Partner working with Pivotal Housing and Support Services)

People working here love helping people. To do this kind of job you’ve got to have that empathy and all that sort of thing. This job is really hard … working with addicts, but yeah, phew, they do it. (Resident in Pivotal supported housing)

I am a housing professional with over 20 years’ experience working the public and charity sector. I have heard a lot of good things about Pivotal Homes and I would love to work in such a positive and dynamic organisation. Please could you let me know where to send my C.V. (Applicant wanting to work with Pivotal)

Here they do their best and sometimes go beyond their duty of care. It’s a peaceful house to be in. (Resident in Pivotal supported housing)

It’s not an exaggeration. Pivotal … genuinely with no exaggeration have saved my life. From the bottom of my heart … I’m not completely healthy mentally … and I’m a lot to put up with. I can still knock on the door even if I’m slightly hysterical and homeless. I still get pushed forward in a kind and gentle manner to do better… most simple thing I can possibly say is thank you … it’s sanctuary, every project changes lives. I would not be here right now without Pivotal, that’s not a lie, not an exaggeration, it’s the truth. (Resident in Pivotal supported housing)

[At Pivotal] I get as much help as I need. I’ve come off drugs and drink, I’m looking at going into training for a level two in bricklaying diploma … I’m ready for my own place … All staff are great and I don’t have any problems with them. If we had a weights bench that’s the only thing I’d change. (Resident in Pivotal supported housing)

Thank you for giving me a roof over my head, been here a couple of months now. I was living on the streets for 4.5 years and would probably be there now to be fair … The first time I was here I got on well with the staff and they’ve helped me again to get a roof over my head. I can’t fault them in any way, shape or form. (Resident in Pivotal supported housing)