August 3, 2023

New sport and wellbeing initiatives for Pivotal customers

It has never been more important to take proactive steps in looking after your mental health.

Regular exercise is one of the best ways you can improve your wellbeing and mental health. Exercising causes your body to release endorphins which trigger a positive feeling and make you feel better, but it can be a luxury that some of us can’t afford.

With support from Saint Sebastian Tennis Academy Pivotal are delighted to have secured the use of some tennis courts in Bournemouth, Dorset for our customers to play tennis.

Statistics have highlighted that people who take part in sport felt less isolated and have more self-esteem, it’s also a great way of making new friends and socialising with others.

We are also working closely with the YMCA Bournemouth who are allowing our customers to stay fit and healthy, and use their wonderfully equipped gym and sports hall, in Bournemouth.

We know that people who maintain a healthy level of exercise report an uplift in their wellbeing. Exercise in conjunction with good sleep, nutrition and hydration can all help to boost mental wellbeing.

If anyone has any old tennis rackets or tennis balls they no longer need, we would be very grateful for them to enable our customers to take part in weekly tennis matches at the Saint Sebastian Tennis Academy, so please get in touch.

t: 01202 306070