June 15, 2023

Pivotal shines a spotlight on men’s health

Hepatitis C can sometimes cause serious and potentially life-threatening damage to the liver over many years. Over the last year and a half Pivotal has been working closely with the Hepatitis C Trust. This led to discussions around the antibody test and delivery of tests and Pivotal have now devised a programme so our support colleagues in Dorset can now test and treat customers.

Visit the Hepatis C Trust for support, information and advice for all those affected.

In addition, during Men’s Health Week in June questions are being asked about the implications of using a high-performance phone. Clearly there are some health benefits to being able to access health information or deliver and receive health services online but what are the downsides?

The message to men is if you think you’re spending too much time on your tech (and even if you don’t), take a screen break and try the Can Do Challenge.

The challenge is to do all five:

• Connect – connect with other people (eg. call an old friend or family member)
• (Be) Active – move your body (eg. go for a run/walk/swim/dance/etc)
• Notice – take notice of the environment around you (eg. turn off your phone for an hour and look around)
• Discover – learn something new (eg. read a book you haven’t read before)
• Offer (or give) – do something for someone else (eg. volunteer for a local community group)

Visit the Men’s Health Forum to see all the latest news, manuals, health advice and support for men.