May 23, 2023

Pivotal customers in Cornwall start a walking group

One of our supported living schemes in Cornwall has started a walking group taking in the beautiful Cornish scenery.

It’s almost impossible not to feel good when we’re walking outdoors. It’s great for the mental health of our customers, reducing stress and anxiety, and is a natural mood-booster!

It can help you sleep better, increase energy levels and help to cope with difficult times ad improve confidence and self-esteem.

It’s also National Walking Month in May so Pivotal have put their best foot forward and are taking part. Walking is one of the easiest ways to improve physical and mental health, helping us feel less lonely and isolated. And by swapping a short drive for a short walk, you can also help reduce air pollution, congestion and road danger – and save yourself some money and keep active in the process!

Living Streets (the UK charity for every day walking) has put together 20 tips to help you fit 20 minutes of walking into your day. From inviting friends and family for a walk to taking a post-work stroll. How many Try20 tips can you do during National Walking Month?

View the best 20 Tips on the block, and make a start on your 20-minutes of walking a day during May.

Visit Living Streets for more inspiration, and share your #TRY20 and #WALKTHISMAY highlights on social.

Walking is free, flexible and fun, and proven to have a huge impact on your wellbeing.