March 9, 2023

Pivotal launches new cookery competition for customers

We have launched a new Cookery Competition designed to keep residents engaged and develop their meal planning and cooking skills.

Residents can cook their favourite meals and enter the competition in the individual category to impress their fellow residents, or enter the group category and cook with others.

With prizes on offer for the winning individual and group category entries, and also runners up prizes, this is an opportunity for our residents to hone important life skills and showcase their cooking skills and knowledge.

A team of esteemed judges to include Nathan Stolborg (Chief Operations Officer) and Clare Sutton (our Community Engagement Manager) will sample the culinary delights for appearance, texture and taste and decide between them the worthy cook-off winners when the competition comes to a close in April next month.

Pivotal provides support, along with cooking, gardening and creative workshops and help to find meaningful work or educational opportunities, so our residents can move on to live more independent lives.