May 1, 2022

Brandon Trust Open Day & Garden Party

We were invited along to a Brandon Trust Open Day & Garden Party on Saturday 23 April at Zion House, St Agnes in Cornwall. The Brandon Trust is one our charity partners who we work closely with and develop properties for.

Karen Smith and Steve Richardson tells us more…

“What a fantastic opportunity to be part of the Open Day at Zion House. We were able to showcase our services in Cornwall to the wider community, other providers and local charity groups. The Open Day included a gardening workshop in the afternoon and the weather was amazing! I joined in meeting people, talked about Pivotal and our values and helped out in the kitchen (I make a good cup of tea!). I also made sure that the scones were served the correct way up, with jam first!”
Karen Smith (Cornwall & Devon Regional Manager, Pivotal)

“Brandon Trust have worked with Pivotal across 5 properties opened across the pandemic and the restrictions, being able to provide homes for 41 people. Having a garden party at Zion House meant that everyone could celebrate with family and friends and show where they live. Other Brandon services were amazed at what Zion has to offer. The relationships across Brandon and Pivotal goes from strength to strength as we experience this journey together to provide bespoke homes for life environments are a pleasure to support”.
Steve Richardson (Business Project Manager, Brandon Trust)