May 13, 2021

First look at new home in Camborne, Cornwall

We are very pleased to introduce another Pivotal success story.

This new home consists of 10 self-contained units with a mixture of 1 and 2 bedroom flats and a fully accessible 2 bedroom bungalow. These units are utilised as a Supported Living Project for people who have Learning Difficulties and/or Autism.

The Brandon Trust support all clients who reside in the flats and there is also an office and communal hub. These homes offer long term tenancies for the clients.

Steve Richardson, Business Project Manager for The Brandon Trust said, “Thank you Richard and Iszara for co-ordinating what was an impossible task at Dorchester Court. It’s looking fab and well worth the wait. Seeing our client and his mum today come into the bungalow was a special moment and honestly the best space that either of them could wish for. From being in a shared room with a shared lounge that he could not access and constantly policed to having a full bungalow with space to move is amazing.”

“Thank you for making this offer of 10 homes happen, it’s truly been worth it.”

The Brandon Trust enables children, young people and adults with learning disabilities and autism to live life in the way they choose. They provide high-quality, individualised support that focusses on enabling people to achieve their dreams and truly live free.

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